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    • The first step of player registration is for parents or guardians to become members of Friday Harbor FC.
    • If you already have an FHFC Member account, you can click the "Register Now" button to start player registration or you can choose "Member Login" to access your existing account.
    • If you don't have an FHFC Member account, click on the "Member Login" button, then choose "use another account" to get access to the "create new account" link.
    • We suggest using your primary email address as the member username to facilitate remembering how to access your member account next year.
    • Once registered with Friday Harbor FC, a parent or guardian can add children and other family members to their family profile.

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    • Open registration runs through July 9th. Registration after that date will be placed on a waitlist and late fees will apply.
    • A parent or guardian can register children from their member profile for an available soccer program.
    • Players are registered in groups based on their birth year. This was new in 2016 (in previous years, teams were organized roughly along grade level groups). A table of age groups by birth year is available on our additional information page.
      • Younger teams (ages 5-9, birth years 2009-2013) will play their games at FHES in a league our club organizes on-island.
      • Older teams (ages 10-13, birth years 2005-2008) play in the SKVYSA rec league and will have most games off-island.
      • Players age 14 through 16 (birth years 2002-2004) will particpate in a joint JV/Club team organized in collaboration with FHHS. Practices will be run through the FHHS Junior Varsity program and FHFC will sponsor games at the U16 level through the North County league (Skagit & Snohomish counties). More information is available here.
    • If you think your child is in the wrong age group, please make a note in the registration form to let us know that it is acceptable for your child to play up in an older age group. We honor these transfer requests on a case by case basis. (See our transfer policy for more information.)
    • The registration form will ask for your child's uniform size. Mount Vernon Youth Soccer has offered this Size Chart to help map the sizes (YS, YM, YL, AS, AM, AL) to chest and waist dimensions.
    • Full payment for the program must be made at the time of player registration.
    • We currently only accept credit or debit cards for online player registration.
    • For payment or registration options, please contact the Registrar.

    Coaches & Volunteers

    • There is no fee to register as a coach or volunteer.
    • All adult volunteers will be asked to complete a background check through Washington State Youth Soccer (WSYSA) during the registration process. Clicking the link at the bottom of the Coach & Volunteer registration page will open a new browser window to the WSYSA:
      • You will have to create an account with WSYSA, if you haven't done so already.
      • You will need your drivers license to complete the required information on their form.
      • Select "San Juan Soccer Club (SID#5288225)" as your primary organization.
      • Select "Skagit Valley Youth Soccer Association (SID#5290853)" as your secondary organization.
    • After completing the background check, don't forget to return to the Coach & Volunteer registration window to complete your registration with Friday Harbor FC.
    • Please allow time to complete the online Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Training. If more time is needed, follow this link to complete the Coach & Volunteer training at a later time. All Coaches must complete the training before they can meet with players.
    • To show our appreciation to our coaches, Friday Harbor FC is offering coaches a 50% discount for one child from their team, which will be reimbursed after the teams are rostered and the season begins.

    Questions? contact us at