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Week 6: Skill Challenges at Linde Field: Penalty Kicks and Shooting Targets

Welcome Back! Here is Week #6's Virtual Soccer Training email!

This is our final week of soccer training so I've set up some special and fun soccer skill challenges for you to take advantage of this week at Linde Field. Sometime this week when the weather is cooperating, visit Linde Field and look for the "San Juan Soccer" banner to know you are in the right spot. Find the soccer goal nearest to the playground area. It is in the corner of the football practice field up against the hill. Both activities will use this goal.

Penalty Kick Challenge:

I've marked a "Penalty Spot" 12 yards from the center of the goal. Place the ball there and try 10 penalty kicks and see how many you make. Here are some hints and strategies for taking successful penalty kicks:

Shooting Challenge:

Find the goal located near the playground area at Linde Field. You will see some large colored "circle targets" attached to the goal. The goal is located in the corner of the football practice field and up against the hill, so if you miss a shot the ball will roll down the hill back to you.

Find any good spot in front of the goal at a distance you are comfortable with. Give yourself points for shooting and scoring inside any of the circle targets. Smaller targets are harder to hit and should be worth more points. Upper corner targets are also difficult so give yourself more points for those. You decide how many points each target is worth, and try 10 kicks (with a stationary ball) from a spot of your choosing. Total up your points and see how you did! For variations, try alternating your right and left feet for your shots, or try increasing the distance of your shot. Try hitting a moving ball, too! Have fun with your target practice!

Before you go to Linde Field, you can review shooting technique here so you can focus on all the different elements:

Bonus Fun:

Let's have a little fun celebrating skill at the end of our virtual season by experimenting with some cool tricks and skills:

Here are 15 easy "freestyle" skills you can enjoy and try:

Here are some other great "Street Soccer" tricks you can try:

Just for fun, watch this video of the world's best player Lionel Messi juggling some creative things like a golf ball and even his shoe!

Wrap Up and Thank You's:

Thank you to all the players and families out there who participated in all or part of this virtual soccer training! We hope you had fun and learned some things to improve, grow, and enjoy soccer even more!

Special thanks to Friday Harbor FC for supporting the soccer ball give-a-way and giving us the opportunity to have the virtual soccer season at no cost to families!

We also thank Island Rec and the crew at Linde Field for their partnership in this effort! If you are looking to continue to stay active right now, Island Rec is offering Afternoon Recess Tues-Thurs Oct 20 - Nov 5, $40/week, 3-4pm & Friday Skate Nights 5:30-6:45 & 7:15-8:30pm, $5 per person or $10/family. Registration is required for both. You can find out more details here:

I encourage you to continue to enjoy soccer and practice over the winter and spring as the weather permits. Remember, you can review any of the content of our virtual training at any time here at on the "Coaches Corner" page. Keep your soccer ball and gear ready and when weather permits, get outside and practice! Better still, if the weather won't cooperate, practice some of the indoor activities covered in our virtual season.

I encourage you to follow the United States Men's and Women's National Teams. You will find player stories, schedule updates and TV viewing opportunities at the link below. These are the best players in our nation and fun to follow, support, and learn by watching them!

Thank you for your support… I hope to see you all next soccer season!
Coach Randy


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