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Week 5: Trapping/Control and Shooting

Welcome Back! Here is Week #5's Virtual Soccer Training email!

This week we'll touch on a variety of topics: Trapping/Control, and Shooting

Warm up: You guessed it! Let's warm up with some more juggling this week. If you have been putting in 10 minutes each practice session you will be seeing improvement! If you need to refresh how to learn to juggle visit the Week 1 lessons here:

Practice for at least 10 minutes and focus and see if you can beat your old record for number of juggling touches.

Trapping/Controlling the ball is typically the first thing you do when the ball comes to you. Thus it is one of the most important skills in soccer since you do it SO OFTEN in a game, and…if you do it well…your "first touch" sets you up for success with your pass, shot, dribble or next move.

Here is a lesson I've assembled that provides a good technical overview of trapping and control:

A great place to begin is by learning good basic foot trap technique when a ball comes to you on the ground. This one is great for very young players or for players of any age:

Controlling a ball that comes to you out of the air is more challenging. This video shows some great "world class" highlights, and then gives excellent instruction on controlling balls out of the air using a "soft landing" surface for the ball by with your foot, thigh or chest:

This quick demonstration shows how you can toss the ball to yourself to practice using your first touch to move in a new a direction:

Here is a video with Mia Hamm, former US Women's Soccer star, demonstrating control touches and some drills to help players learn how to take the ball and move in a direction:

Shooting Technique

Shooting with power and accuracy is one of the most exciting skills in soccer. There is so much to it…from your run up/approach run, to what you do with your plant foot, kicking foot, and where you strike the ball. Try starting with a stationary ball like in this video so you can focus on all the different elements:

Then, find a goal, or net, or wall somewhere and have a parent or sibling help you with this activity. This video shows three simple drills that involve shooting a moving ball…more realistic to what happens in a game and more challenging too as you apply proper shooting technique from the first video. Be sure to practice with both feet as described here:


I searched for something to inspire you to dream a little this week. Here are two fun and fast paced Nike ads that are really fun to watch

This one is called "Dream with us: Women's World Cup";

This is my favorite…enjoy…it's titled "Dream Further":

Special Request: How many of you are out there practicing?

I would like to get a sense of how many of you are out there practicing! If you have enjoyed the virtual soccer training, please email me a quick note with your name and age to . I'd be most appreciative to know who's out there!

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Have fun practicing. See you next week for our final week of soccer!
Coach Randy

Friday Harbor FC Coaching Director


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