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Welcome Back! Here is Week #4's Virtual Soccer Training email!

This week we'll cover a variety of topics: Fitness, Dribbling Fakes, and Goalkeeping

Warm up:

Let's warm up with some more juggling this week. For fun this week, instead of starting juggling using your hands, try some of these "juggling starts" using your feet to "pick up" the ball:

Here is the most basic "ground pick up" to start juggling…give it a try!

Then, try a few of these. They are certainly more creative and tricky but they are fun to try and improve coordination. The possibilities are endless!


Next, let's explore ideas to improve your soccer fitness. Soccer demands that players be strong, fast, agile, and have good endurance and stamina. Here are some excellent ways you can develop good fitness training habits;

These are some soccer conditioning drills that serious players might do:

Here is a 10 minute workout series that can be done in a small space indoors at home. I like it because it a ball sometimes. The best fitness training involves touching a ball, too!

Quickness and agility come from having "fast feet". Here are 5 ways to develop "fast feet" that can be done anywhere;

Dribbling Fakes and Moves to Beat Defenders:

Let's add to our dribbling work from previous weeks by introducing some "fakes" and "moves" to get past defenders.

Even very young players can start with this move called the "Stanley Matthews" …named for a legendary player from England who was known for his dribbling talent:

Then, progress to these simple but effective moves to beat defenders:

Or, experiment with some of these 15 skill moves to beat defenders. This video provides excellent detail on how to master each technique. You'll also begin to notice how all our footwork training from prior week's provides a foundation for these fun and skillful moves:

Goalkeeping: Solo training

Goalkeeping is the most unique position in soccer and requires some skills that are totally different than any other player on the field. Here are some excellent fundamental exercises for you budding goalkeepers:

If you are into and interested in learning more about goalkeeping, here is a series of instructional elements just for you. It is a VERY fun position to play when you understand the technique and begin to become proficient and confident!

Here is another good onne (and the coach in the video gets bonus points for his enthusiasm!):

This one is a little longer…a 10 minute solo training for goalkeepers that is very well done:

Here is a shorter one (about 4 minutes) of solo activities you can try:

Enjoy the uniqueness of your position all you goalkeepers out there!


This week let's celebrate skill! This video shows Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the world's top players, displaying some incredible skill during warm up and practice:

Now watch what happens when Cristiano Ronaldo puts on a disguise and tries to get average people in Madrid, Spain to play with him:

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See you next week and have fun with soccer this week!
Coach Randy
Friday Harbor FC Coaching Director


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