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Welcome Back! Here is Week #3's Virtual Soccer Training email!

This week: Skill Challenges at Linde Field (Dribbling and Passing)

First, you can practice any of the foot skills, dribbling, or passing activities we worked on during the first two weeks. You will find all the information and video links from our previous sessions here:

Then, we have some special "Skill Challenges" ready for you at Linde Community Park! These activities will be set up and available to you any time from Sunday morning September 27 through Saturday October 3.

Plan a time with your parent to go Linde Community field on the weekend or after school at your convenience. All you need to bring is your soccer ball, a watch to time yourself, and perhaps print and take this email along for reference!

Look for the green and black "Friday Harbor Soccer" banner over by the playground area…then you'll know you are in the right area. Our "Skill Challenge" activities will be set up in the park like area between the playground and the bathroom building.

If you happen to see another player there, be sure to follow proper socially distancing protocols. There may also be some boys and girls high school players practicing on the big soccer field on weekday afternoons…that might be fun to watch from a safe distance.

Challenge #1: Dribble Slalom

This dribbling course will challenge your ball control, agility, and dribbling speed

This challenge will be painted on the grass in yellow paint.

The start line will be labeled in yellow paint so it will be easy to find.

"Cones" to dribble around are painted in yellow paint. Dribble out from the starting line, zig zagging through the course with the soccer ball just like a slalom skier goes around poles. When you get the last "cone", dribble around it and zig sag back through the course. The Yellow starting line then becomes the "finish line".

Practice a few times, then time yourself with any old watch that has a "seconds" display.

First try using only your right foot.

Then try only using your left foot.

Then, try using all parts of both feet…see which is your fastest time.

Challenge #2: Bullseye Passing Target:

This activity will challenge both your passing "accuracy" and "pacing".

This challenge is painted in white paint on the grass.

Find the start line labled"#2" in white paint.

From there, pass the ball toward the bullseye target painted in white paint on the grass.

You'll need both "accuracy" and proper "pacing" to hit the ball into the bullseye.

Points: Give yourself 5 points for the ball stopping within the bullseye; 3 points for the ball stopping within the next closest circle, and 1 point if you are within the outermost circle.

Take five attempts with your right foot and add up your score.

Take five attempts with your left foot and add up your score.

See how you do!

Challenge #3: Play a round of "Soccer Golf":

This activity will challenge your long and short range passing and pacing.

This challenge is painted in bright orangepaint on the grass.

Find the start line "Tee off" area painted in bright orange paint.

Locate "hole" number 1 (a small circle painted in orange with #1)

Pass the ball toward the target and let it stop rolling before taking another kick. Take a second, third, or fourth pass as necessary to get the ball to stop in the target "hole". Count your "strokes" as if playing golf.

Return to the starting line "tee off" area again and play on to hole number two as your target.

There are three holes to play to.

Play are a round with all right footed passes. Play another round with only left footed passes. Try alternating feet. See which gives you the best score?

Bonus fun: One of the best ways to learn and grow in soccer is to watch and follow good players…especially hardworking, dedicated players. Here are some example of players to watch!

Jordan Morris grew up in Seattle, went to Stanford Univeristy, and now plays for Seattle Sounders FC and the United States Men's National team. He's won numerous awards for his play including Major League Soccer Rookie of the year, and MLS Comeback Player of the Year after missing a season due to injury. He is known off the field for his work to support of kids with Type I diabetes. He also plays for the United States Men's National Team.

Rose Lavelle is one of the bright young stars on the United States Women's Soccer. She is 25 years old and plays for Manchester City in England as well as the US Women's National Team. There are some great video highlights of Rose in action at the end of this video;

Christian Pulisic is thought by many to be the best young talent in US Soccer. He currently plays for Chelsea in the Premier League as well as the US Men's National Team and is just 22 years old. He won "US Player of the Year" at 19 years old as shown is this video;

Reminder: Share how you are doing!

Follow us on Instagram, (our handle is @fridayharborfc) and with your parent's approval and help, post a photo or video tagging us and using the hashtag #playonfhfc. We can't wait to see San Juan Island kids having fun with soccer!

This and each week's content will be posted at on the "Coaches Corner" page for your review and reference it anytime in the future.

See you next week and have fun with the Skill Challenges!
Coach Randy

Friday Harbor FC Coaching Director


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