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Welcome Back! Here is Week #2's Virtual Soccer Training email!

What to do:

  1. Review this email, watch the videos.
  2. Then, get permission from a parent on when, where, and how you'll practice!
  3. Set a goal to practice at least once on the weekend and again at least once during the week after school.

Here we go with this week's session: "Juggling, Footwork, and Passing"

This week we've enhanced content for young players and those just starting with soccer. There are also plenty of ideas for you older and more advanced players!

  1. Begin every session with a 5-minute warm up (like this!):

    Very young players can try this simple and fun approach to getting warmed up and ready to play:

  2. We started working on our Juggling last week as as mentioned last week, we'll practice it a little bit every week to extend our warm up. Here is another approach to learning to juggle. For week 2, follow the technique provided here:

  3. More Ball Control: Do 5 minutes of a few of these activities from last week to complete your warm up. These activities are GREAT for ANY age! Watch the entire 3-minute video first, then re-watch and hit "pause" as you try each one!

    Very young players might opt to focus on these great ball control exercises:

  4. Now let's add in some instruction and practice with Passing for this week. Passing with accuracy and proper pace is essential to the team elements of soccer!

    Coaching points to remember are:
  • Use the inside of the foot to make contact with the ball.
  • Point your support (non-kicking) foot toward the target you are aiming for.
  • Pacing: strike the ball so that your pass is "crisp"…not too hard, not too soft.

Fun games to practice Passing for young and beginning players;

  • Soccer Bowling:
    1. Make a starting line. You'll make your passing kicks from there.
    2. Place 5 (or so) objects 10-15 feet away that can be knocked down similar to how bowling pins can be knocked down. You could use empty plastic bottles, stuffed toys (not the precious ones!), or anything you have that is safe and parent approved.
    3. You get three tries to kick from the starting line to see if you can knock all the "pins" down.
    4. You are working on "passing accuracy"!
    5. Try "Bowling" with 3 kicks using your right foot. Reset the "pins" and try 3 attempts with your left.
    6. If you are successful, try increasing the distance of your pass.

  • Bulls Eye!
    1. Make a starting line, and make your passing kicks from there.
    2. Place cones or objects 10 feet away, 15 feet away, and 20 feet away from the starting line.
    3. Kick the ball using passing technique and try to get the ball to stop exactly at the 5 foot marker. Now try for the 10 foot marker, and then the 20 foot marker. Always kick from the starting line, retrieving your ball each time.
    4. You are learning "Pacing" which is how hard to strike the ball so it gets to your target!
  • Soccer Golf:
    1. Make a starting line: You'll "Tee off" your passing kicks from there.
    2. Set 4 or 5 objects around your yard as targets to pass the ball to. You can use existing objects like a big rock or a tree. Be creative!
    3. "Tee Off" with a pass toward the first target. Count the number of passes (strokes) it takes to hit the first object with the ball. Passing accurately and with good pacing is key!
    4. Then, Tee off toward the next target, and so on.

Here are some excellent "rebound" or "wall" drills to practice passing that can be done by yourself. Find a safe and parent approved surface like a wall, a garage door, a fence, a bench laid on its side, or any other object you can safely kick against for a rebound:

For more practice, you can also try these 12 passing drills using a wall (like outside covered area in playground area behind Friday Harbor Elementary School:

For you experienced players, here are not only some great passing drill ideas, but also some passing video footage of some of the world's best players in action with passing. You'll have to recruit another family member (parent, sibling, etc) for some of these activities:

Nice work! If your practice session has been for 20-30 minutes as a younger player, or 30-45 minutes or so as an older player, you're doing great! Have FUN mastering new skills and seeing improvement! Be sure to clean up and put away balls and cones so you're ready for your next practice.

Bonus fun: Share how you are doing! Follow us on Instagram, (our handle is @fridayharborfc) and with your parent's approval and help, post a photo or video tagging us and using the hashtag #playonfhfc.

We can't wait to see San Juan Island kids having fun with soccer!

See you next week with some "skill challenge" surprises! Have fun practicing!

Coach Randy
Friday Harbor FC Coaching Director


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