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Welcome! Here is your first Virtual Soccer Training email! You can expect a weekly email from me on Saturday mornings for the next 6 weeks concluding on Saturday, October 17. Special thanks to Friday Harbor FC and Island Rec for making this opportunity possible!

What to do:

  1. Review this email, watch the videos.
  2. Then, get permission from a parent on when, where, and how you'll practice!
  3. Set a goal to practice at least once on the weekend and again at least once during the week after school.

Here we go with this week's session: "Getting Started with Home Training!"

Learning to control the ball and developing skill is the foundation for every soccer player! This week we'll focus on tuning up and improving your soccer skills with A LOT of touches on the ball:

- Learning to juggle a soccer ball
- Dribbling

Here is your Soccer Lesson Plan!

  1. Get permission from your parent on how, when and where you will practice! This should ALWAYS be your first step!
  1. Begin every session with a 5-minute soccer warm up (like this!):
  1. After warm up, spend at least 10 minutes or so learning how to Juggle! it is an EXCELLENT way to learn ball control:

    Don't get frustrated! Follow the strategy in the video and we'll practice juggling a little each week. You will gain confidence and see improvement over time! Count your touches and try of an individual record each week!
  1. Dribbling (Spend at least 15-20 minutes or more on these activities)

    Find a spot in your yard or at a school or community field or park where you have your parent's permission to practice: Use cones (or whatever you have like spare shoes, rocks, rolled up socks…anything) that can be obstacles to dribble around.

    Spend a few minutes trying these dribbling moves. They are terrific to practice for ANY age player…younger/older, beginner or advanced!

    Here are 4 more great ways to practice your dribbling. Master the first ones and then try the more challenging ones if you want to: The "slow motion" helps to see each move. The faster speed shows you what good practice can accomplish!

    For you older/advanced players, here are 5 essential dribbling drills (Note: you will need a few more cones or makeshift obstacles for some of these):
  1. BONUS FUN: Just for fun, watch this video with some simple ball mastery activities you can do indoors when the weather is poor (if you are very careful!). Note how skillful this young player has become through practice!

Nice work! If your practice session has been for 20-30 minutes as a younger player, or 30-45 minutes or so as an older player, you're doing great! Have FUN mastering new skills! Be sure to clean up and put away balls and cones so you're ready for your next practice.

This and each week's content will later be posted on on the "Coaches Corner" page for your review and reference it anytime in the future.

See you next week and have fun practicing!
Coach Randy
Friday Harbor FC Coaching Director

REMINDER: If you want to participate and don't already have a soccer ball, Friday Harbor FC is here to help!
Simply plan to stop by Friday Harbor Elementary School TODAY, Saturday, September 12 between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM and we'll provide a free soccer ball with COVID-19 safe curbside pick-up. Please wear masks when you come. Just drive up to the front of the school, tell us your age, and we'll give you the proper size soccer ball that is yours to keep!


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