Friday Harbor FC

U16 Program Description


All players born in 2004 and 2005 will be playing soccer in Fall 2019 with Friday Harbor High School. This age group includes most HS Freshman and Sophomores as well as 8th graders with fall birthdays. All players should complete FHHS Registration first since practices will be run through the high school program. If there is sufficient participation, as described below, FHFC will sponsor teams in the fall U16 league.


Friday Harbor High School (FHHS) and Friday Harbor Football Club (FHFC) have organized a combined JV/U16 soccer program to give our older middle school and younger high school kids the opportunity to play competitive soccer this fall. We are targeting the following:

  • High School Freshman and Sophomores
    FHFC has consistently had enough kids playing U14 soccer in 8th grade to create a freshman or JV team in high school. The challenge for FHHS is that the schools competing in its league are not large enough to have JV programs. As a result, our younger high school kids have had very little opportunity to play games against league opponents.

  • 8th Graders with Fall Birthdays
    US Soccer has introduced birth-year registrations to be consistent with team organization in the rest of the world. As a result, there will be some 8th graders born in the fall that are now too old to play U14 with their grade-level peers.

The U16 boys and U16 girls teams will be made from players in these two groups, as well as eligible sophomores who seek more game experience. The purpose for organizing these teams is to ensure that all kids interested in playing soccer have the opportunity to play more games.

Execution of this plan depends on the number of players registered before the late registration date (7/10/2019).


  • Practices
    The combined JV/Club team will practice at the High School under the umbrella of the FHHS Varsity program. The JV coach will be working with the Varsity coach to ensure continuity with the FHHS soccer program. (The JV coaches will adjust the daily practice schedules to accommodate the weekend game schedules in case there are JV games on the same weekend.)

  • Games
    The boys and girls JV/Club teams will play club soccer games under the umbrella of FHFC in the North County Youth Soccer fall recreation league. These teams will play on Sundays and the season runs 10 weeks (September-November). Players who register for FHFC are committing to play the whole season.

  • Eligibilty
    For Fall 2019, we are offering the program to any player born with birth years 2004 and 2005. This range covers older 8th graders, incoming high school freshman, and high school sophomores. FHFC is not accepting petitions from younger 8th graders to "play-up" since those kids have practice and game opportunities through the FHFC U14 program.
  • FHFC Registration
    To ensure that we field a team at the club level, we are asking all eligible 8th graders and incoming freshman to register with FHFC through the FHFC Registration page. Club sign-ups are earlier than FHHS tryouts, so please register before the FHFC deadline (July 10, 2019).

  • FHHS Registration
    Because the U16 team will be practicing under the FHHS JV program, all players must also register with the high school. The School District requires all high school atheletes to submit registration forms each season and complete a sports physical once every two years. Follow this link for the FHHS Registration page, which links to SJISD online registration. FHHS registration must be completed before players can participate in FHHS practices. Varsity tryouts begin in August.
  • Fees
    FHFC and FHHS are working together to ensure that parents will only pay one participation fee. The FHFC fee is due at registration to guarantee the club teams' entry into NCYSA's fall league. The fee will be refunded if the player is skilled enough to make Varsity as a freshman or sophomore, in which case, the player is responsible for the FHHS participation fee.


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