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2019 Coach / Volunteer Registration

As in past years, Washington Youth Soccer (WYS) requires any coach, team manager, assistant coach, field scheduler, registrar, contractor or board member participating in a youth soccer program to complete a background check (otherwise known as a Risk Management Application or RMA).

Starting in 2019, completing the background check will require obtaining Compliance Certificates from three online courses: Safe Sport, Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Concussion. Unfortunately, the courses will require several hours to complete. The most time consuming is SafeSport, which is new this year and looks to be a result of the well-publicized harassment cases at the national level. Fortunately, SafeSport tracks your progress so that you can complete the course in more than one sitting.

WYS uses Affinity as a service provider to manage the completion of the courses and to initiate the background check . At the completion of each course, you will be given a certificate. Please save this certificate to your computer and upload to your Affinity account. All three certificates are required before the background check will be complete.

WYS has provided a slide show that walks through the process necessary to take each class, obtain its certificate, then upload the certificate to the Affinity website:

How to do the Back Ground Check and complete the required Compliance Certificates

As described in the slideshow, there are two Affinity websites that you will have to visit:

  • to manage your account and upload certificates

    These certificates are mandated by federal and state laws. Other than your time, there is no cost to you for the compliance programs. The following links and login instructions for the online courses are available under the "certificates" tab of your Affinity "My Account" page:

  • to initiate the background check

    Complete the compliance training above and upload the course certificates before proceeding to this step.

    Click on the "Registration" tab in the upper right corner to begin the registration. Please make sure you are registering for your RMA with your correct legal first name, legal last name and DOB. (If necessary, please update your FHFC account information to also use your legal names.)

    • If this is your first time completing the RMA, then you will need the following information:
      • Your drivers license to complete the required information on their form.
      • Select "Friday Harbor FC (SID#5288225)" as your primary organization.
      • Select "Skagit Valley Youth Soccer Association (SID#5290853)" as your secondary organization.

    • If you have completed an RMA before, then you can login using your username and password from last year.
      • If you forgot your password, you can reset your login credentials from the WSY RMA login page.

If you need assistance with the Affinity website, call Affinity 1.888.213.399.

Thank you very much for volunteering.


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