Friday Harbor FC

Fall Online Program

Free Virtual "at home" Soccer Training for Kids from Friday Harbor FC and Island Rec

"Play on" this fall with Friday Harbor FC in partnership with Island Rec! While it is not possible to have a typical season with teams, practices, and games, it IS possible to grow with soccer, have fun, and improve your game!

Our Friday Harbor FC Coaching Director, Randy Martin, is inviting players U-8 through U-15 (ages 7-14) to join in on a FREE six week "train at home" series of individual soccer activities beginning on September 12. No registration is necessary and no fee will be charged. Beginning and experienced players are encouraged to participate!

All you'll need is a ball, a few cones (or improvise with spare shoes, sticks or anything available), and ANY small area to play like your backyard, a local school or community field, perhaps even your living room on a few occasions!

Links to the training materials

* Week 0 : Introduction

* Week 1 : Juggling & Dribbling

* Week 2 : Juggling, Footwork, and Passing

* Week 3 : Skill Challenges

* Week 4 : Fitness, Dribbling Fakes, and Goalkeeping

* Week 5 : Trapping/Control, and Shooting

* Week 6 :Skill Challenges: Shooting and Penalty Kicks


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